To The Incredible Moms of Inattentive Children…Thank You


After well over a decade of working in this field of helping children with inattention, hyperactivity, and impulsivity it took me all of 5 seconds in coming up with an idea for an article in the month which includes Mother’s Day.

It is an article of gratitude. Gratitude for the mothers out there that without them, what I do becomes impossible. Moms have looked to me over the years to order and interpret the right lab tests for their child, to be a sounding board for their worries and concerns about their child’s brain health, and to give individualized wellness plans that address the specific Food Therapy, Supplementation, and Lifestyle needs of the child. What I cannot do is implement these ideas.

To implement the ideas that I recommend in my practice to families of inattentive children it takes mothers that are willing to make it happen in the pursuit of optimal brain health for their child. It takes courage to overcome the naysayers that question why your child can’t just eat what everyone else is eating. It takes willpower to overcome the initial objections that the child and other family members may be giving to the necessary lifestyle changes being implemented. And finally, it takes stamina to see these changes through that are likely to set the child on a better path even well into adulthood.

For this I am forever grateful.

Without this relentless implementation of these ideas my practice is simply not functional. There would be no 5 Star Google Reviews for my practice. There would be no positive reputation for myself as a practitioner in the Greater Orlando area. It is all possible because of the love and dedication that mothers show towards their children.

I have worked with some great Dads along the way, but 99% of the time Mom is the point person. Moms are the ones that can tell me in detail how the child’s diet was that week. Moms can share with me just how much screen time the child received. Moms know and can report back to me exactly what supplements the child has been taking consistently. In my practice the relationship that I have with each, and every mother is not one of Physician/Patient but an active Partnership with the main goal being better brain health for each child. It takes strong communication to make that kind of a partnership work and I have been blessed to work with Mothers that are not just looking for me as the health professional to “fix it” but are willing to take on an active role.

It is that active role that makes Functional Medicine work and greatly improves chances of having a more focused child.

This Mother’s Day I would like to ask my mothers out there to take a step back and let it be about you for once. Let yourself be recognized for all that you do. Recognized by your family, friends, and by this Functional Medicine health practitioner who owes a great deal of his career to your hard work.

Much Love to You and Your Family,

Dwight Franklin, MSOM


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